Splash Movie Poster

In 1964, eight-year-old Allen Bauer (David Kreps) is vacationing with his family near Cape Cod. While taking a sight-seeing tour on a small boat, he sees something below the ocean surface that fascinates him, and jumps into the water even though he cannot swim. Underwater, he encounters a mermaid girl (Shayla Mackarvich) and inexplicably finds himself able to breathe under water. However, Allen is pulled back to the surface, and the two are separated. Since no one else has seen the girl, Allen comes to believe the encounter was a near-death hallucination, but his subsequent relationships with women fail as he subconsciously seeks the connection he felt with the mysterious girl.

Twenty years later, Allen (Tom Hanks) is now co-owner of a wholesale fruit and vegetable business in New York City with his womanizing brother Freddie (John Candy). Depressed after his latest breakup, Allen returns to Cape Cod, where he encounters eccentric scientist Dr. Walter Kornbluth (Eugene Levy). After his motorboat breaks down, Allen falls into the sea and is knocked out when the boat hits his head. He wakes up with a headache on a beach, where he encounters a beautiful naked woman with long blonde hair and the inability to talk (Daryl Hannah). After kissing him, she dives into the sea, where she transforms into a mermaid. Kornbluth, while diving in order to seek proof of strange sea creatures, also encounters the mermaid in her sea form, causing him to become obsessed with finding her again.

The mermaid finds Allen’s wallet in the water and uses it to find him in New York. She comes ashore naked at the Statue of Liberty, where she is arrested for indecent exposure. Using information from Allen’s wallet, the police contact Allen, and the mysterious girl gets released into his care. She learns how to speak English from watching television, and is eager to see a big city for the first time in her life. Unable to say her real name in human language, she selects “Madison” from a Madison Avenue sign. She tells Allen that she will be in New York for “six fun-filled days when the moon is full”, but if she stays longer, she can never go home again (the reason for this is unexplained). Despite Madison’s occasional unusual behavior, she and Allen fall in love. Allen proposes to Madison, but she declines and runs away. After pondering her reason for coming to the city in the first place, Madison returns to Allen and agrees to marry him, with the added promise of telling him the truth about herself at an upcoming dignitary dinner to welcome the President of the United States.

Meanwhile, Kornbluth, realizing that the naked woman at Liberty Island was the mermaid he had encountered, pursues the couple, trying to expose her as a mermaid by splashing her with water. His first attempts are unsuccessful, and Kornbluth ends up with multiple injuries. He finally lies in wait with water tanks at the dignitary dinner, splashing Madison with an attached hose and successfully proving the existence of mermaids. Madison is seized by government agents and taken to a secret lab, headed by Kornbluth’s rival Dr. Ross (Richard B. Shull), for examination. Kornbluth regrets his actions after he learns that the scientists are planning to dissect Madison, as he just wanted to prove that he was not crazy, not get her killed.

Allen is shocked by Madison’s secret, but when he voices his disillusionment to his brother, Freddie lashes out at him, telling his brother how unbelievably happy he was with her. Realizing he still loves Madison, Allen tries to make contact with government officials to let him see Madison, but to no avail. He then confronts a guilt-ridden Kornbluth, who agrees to help him rescue her.

Impersonating Swedish scientists, Freddie, Allen, and Kornbluth enter the lab and smuggle Madison outside. Freddie decides to be arrested in Allen’s place, while Kornbluth unsuccessfully tries to stop United States troops from catching the couple. Despite being under hot pursuit, Allen and Madison make it back to the docks at the New York harbor. Madison tells Allen that he can survive under water as long as he is with her, causing Allen to realize she was the young mermaid he had met so long ago. Madison warns him that if he comes to live in the sea, he cannot return. She jumps in the water when the troops close in on them. When other troops attempt to arrest Allen, he jumps into the water after her, forsaking his life on dry land. The troops dive in the water to go after the couple, but they fight them off to escape. The credits roll as the loving couple swims along the ocean floor toward what appears to be an underwater kingdom.


Twins Movie Poster

Julius Benedict and Vincent Benedict are twins, the result of a secret experiment carried out at a genetics laboratory to combine the DNA of six fathers to produce the perfect child. To the surprise of the scientists, the embryo split and twins were born. The mother, Mary Ann Benedict, was told that Julius died at birth, and not told about Vincent at all. Vincent was placed in an orphanage run by nuns in Los Angeles and told his mother abandoned him. With no one but himself to rely on, Vincent escaped from the orphanage by seducing a nun and, later became an indebted, small-time low-life. Julius was raised on a South Pacific island by Professor Werner, one of the scientists from the experiment, who put him through intense physical training and extensive study. Each twin was unaware of the other’s existence.

On Julius’s 35th birthday, Werner finally tells Julius about Vincent.[4] With Werner’s blessing, Julius proceeds to the United States to find his brother. Julius discovers that Vincent lives in L.A. and eventually tracks him down in jail for unpaid parking tickets.

Julius bails Vincent out, but Vincent does not believe his story and abandons him in a car park. Julius pursues Vincent to his workplace and finds him being beaten up by Morris Klane, a loan shark enforcer. Julius subdues Morris, earning Vincent’s trust and respect. He later meets Vincent’s girlfriend Linda Mason and enters a romantic relationship with her sister Marnie. Over dinner, Vincent shows Julius a document he stole from the orphanage that shows their mother is actually still alive, but believing that she abandoned him at birth, Vincent shows no interest in finding her. Julius tracks one of their six fathers to the address on the document. The father directs Julius to Mitchell Traven in New Mexico, the other professor who headed the experiment.

Vincent steals a late model Cadillac Sedan de Ville for his chop shop contact and finds a prototype fuel injector in the trunk that was to be delivered to an industrialist, Beetroot McKinley, in Houston, for five million dollars. Vincent decides to pose as the delivery man, Mr. Webster, and deliver the fuel injector himself so he can collect the money and pay off his debts. He reluctantly allows Julius, Linda and Marnie to accompany him to New Mexico to find professor Traven, while Webster begins pursuing Vincent.

In New Mexico, Traven reveals the truth to the twins, pointing out that Julius resulted from the best genes, and Vincent split from the useless genetic material. He directs them to Santa Fe, where their mother lives in an art colony. On the way to Santa Fe, the twins are accosted by the Klane brothers, but they fight them off for the last time. At the art colony in Santa Fe, a painter informs Julius and Vincent that their mother has died. They leave, unaware that the painter was in fact their mother, Mary Ann, who didn’t believe their story.

Abandoning Julius and the girls in New Mexico, Vincent bitterly heads to Houston alone to deliver the prototype to McKinley. Julius chases after Vincent, sensing his whereabouts thanks to twin telepathy, and finds him seconds after the exchange with McKinley. Webster appears and kills McKinley, demanding the money from Vincent. Julius intercepts Webster in order for Vincent to escape, but Vincent returns and agrees to give Webster the money to save Julius.

Webster decides to kill them anyway for seeing his face, but Vincent kills him by unloading a heavy chain onto his head and burying him. Julius and Vincent return both the prototype and $4 million (with Vincent skimming $1 million), and use that along with the reward to pay off Vincent’s debts and start a consulting firm. Their publicity reaches the art colony, and Mary Ann learns that her sons are alive. She violently confronts Traven for concealing the truth and tracks Julius and Vincent down to their workplace, where they share a warm reunion.

Sometime later, Julius and Vincent marry the Mason sisters. Both marriages produce twin children, and the couples are last seen meeting their mother and Professor Werner on an outing.

A Fish Called Wanda

A Fish Called Wanda Movie Poster

London-based gangster George Thomason and his right-hand man, Ken Pile, an animal lover with a stutter, plan a jewel heist. They bring in two Americans: con artist Wanda Gershwitz and weapons expert Otto West, a mean-spirited anglophobe. Wanda and Otto are lovers, but they hide this from George and Ken, pretending to be siblings, so Wanda can work her charms on them. The heist is successful and the gang escapes with a large sum in diamonds. They hide them in a safe in an old workshop. Soon after, Wanda and Otto betray George to the police and he is arrested. They return to collect the diamonds, with Wanda planning to double-cross Otto as well, but find that George has moved them. In Ken’s fish tank, Wanda discovers the key to the safe deposit box containing the diamonds and hides it in her pendant.

Wanda decides to seduce George’s barrister, Archie Leach, so he can persuade George to plead guilty and give up the location of the diamonds. Archie is in a loveless marriage and quickly falls for Wanda. Otto is jealous, and his interference causes Wanda and Archie’s liaisons to go disastrously wrong. Wanda accidentally leaves her pendant at Archie’s house, which Archie’s wife, Wendy, mistakes for a gift for her. At Wanda’s insistence, Archie recovers the pendant by staging a burglary. Eventually, Archie, feeling guilty, ends the affair.

George asks Ken to kill Mrs Coady, the Crown’s only eyewitness. Though Ken accidentally kills her three dogs, causing him great distress, he is successful when their death gives her a fatal heart attack. Wanda and Otto want George to remain in jail, but with no witness, he now seems set to get off. At his trial, defence witness Wanda unexpectedly gives evidence against him. When Archie, stunned, flubs his cross-examination and inadvertently calls her “darling”, Wendy realises that Archie has had an affair and decides to divorce him. Otto tries to force Ken to reveal the location of the diamonds by eating his pet fish, leaving Ken’s favourite, named Wanda, until last. Ken reveals that the diamonds are at a hotel near Heathrow Airport.

With his career and marriage over, Archie resolves to cut his losses, steal the loot himself and flee to South America. Promised less jail time, George tells Archie that Ken knows where the diamonds are. Archie sees Wanda fleeing the courthouse, pulls her into his car and races to Ken’s flat. As Archie runs into the building, Otto steals Archie’s car, taking Wanda with him. Ken and Archie give chase. Otto and Wanda recover the diamonds, but Wanda double-crosses him and leaves him unconscious in a broom cupboard. Recovering, Otto shoots his way out of the cupboard and is confronted by Archie. Otto is about to kill him, but Archie stalls him by taunting Otto about American failures such as the Vietnam War. Ken arrives driving a steamroller, seeking vengeance for the fish. Otto, who has stepped in wet concrete and cannot move, is run over but survives. Archie and Wanda board the plane and Otto, clinging to the window outside, curses them until he is blown off during takeoff.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Poster

Scientist and inventor Wayne Szalinski lives in his suburban home attempting to perfect a ray gun capable of shrinking objects, but it keeps blowing up the apples he uses as test subjects instead. After an argument between him and his wife, Diane, she spent the previous night with her mother and is currently at work, worrying about their daughter, Amy, and son, Nick, who has inherited Wayne’s inventive ingenuity and intelligence. Their next door neighbors, the Thompsons, are getting ready for a fishing trip, but their oldest son, Russ Jr., is less than enthusiastic, as his and Russ’ interests often clash, resulting in him feeling belittled, and he is more interested in meeting Amy than spending the weekend camping. Their younger son, Ron, however, is enthusiastic, though his relationship with Russ is strained when he inadvertently sets off a booby trap in the yard.

Wayne instructs Amy and Nick to clean the house in preparation for Diane’s return before leaving for his conference. Nick is assigned to mow the lawn, but he makes a deal to let his friend, Tommy Pervis, do it with the remote-controlled lawnmower, but the latter has to leave and promises to do it later. Later, Ron accidentally hits his baseball through the Szalinskis’ attic window, which inadvertently activates the machine and blocks its targeting laser. Caught by Russ Jr., he is made to confess to Amy and Nick, and Amy has Nick take Ron to retrieve the ball and pay for the window. They come upon the machine and are hit by its beam, thus shrinking them.

At his conference, Wayne is laughed at for failing to provide proof of his shrinking machine and leaves in frustration, while back at home Amy and Russ Jr. go to check on Ron and Nick and are shrunk by the ray as well. When Wayne returns home, they try to get his attention, but their voices are too small and he is unable to hear them. Frustrated by his day and the broken window he discovers, he takes it out on the machine, damaging it and nearly crushing the kids with the fragments. He then sweeps the debris (and the kids) into a dust pan and takes them out in a trash bag. They escape from it, but are forced to cross the uncut yard’s wilderness to get back to the house.

Meanwhile, Diane returns home and she and Wayne make up, but they soon grow concerned about Amy and Nick. While trying to summon their dog, Quark, Nick falls into a flower, he and Russ Jr. are carried away by a pollen picking worker bee, and are nearly killed by Wayne as he tries to swat it with a baseball bat, causing it to crash land. Wayne realizes that a baseball was what caused the attic window to break since Nick doesn’t play sports.Investigating, he realizes what happened to the kids; afraid to step on the lawn, he uses stilts to search for them and accidentally activates the sprinklers, which causes chaotic torrents to come down on them. Amy nearly drowns when she is knocked into a pool of mud, but Russ Jr. saves her with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Meanwhile, Wayne arranges a sling to hover over the lawn and search for the kids. Next door, Russ and Mae are forced to call off their trip because their sons haven’t returned yet, and they call the police to report them missing. Wayne tells Diane about what happened to the kids, and she joins in the search after a short panic attack. Eventually, she convinces Wayne to tell Russ and Mae, who are extremely skeptical. Russ angrily threatens Wayne, but leaves his porch light on just in case.

Soon, the kids’ hunger is saved by one of Nick’s oatmeal creme cookies, but their meal is interrupted by an ant scouting it. Ron decides to tame it in order to take them home. Soon they grow attached to “Antie” and try to set him free, but he instead decides to follow Ron like a loyal pet. The kids find a Lego to camp in for the night, and after a heartfelt conversation about their feelings for each other, Russ Jr. and Amy kiss. However, they are attacked by a scorpion, which traps Ron in the Lego. Antie comes to rescue Ron, but is fatally stung before the kids unite and wound the scorpion, driving it off.

The next morning, Tommy returns to mow the lawn. Nick recognizes the danger and they run, seeking shelter in an earthworm burrow; Wayne and Diane stop Tommy just in time to save the kids, who are blown out of the burrow by the lawnmower’s blades. Quark chances upon them, and while riding him into the house, Nick loses his grip and falls into Wayne’s bowl of Cheerios; he is nearly eaten before Quark bites Wayne in the ankle, making him aware of Nick and the others’ presence.

Back in the attic, the kids make Wayne realize that the laser was generating too much heat, causing things to blow up, until it was blocked by the baseball. He corrects the mistake, and Russ volunteers as a subject for a successful test. The kids are then returned to their normal sizes and reunited with their parents. Months later, at Thanksgiving, the Szalinskis and Thompsons, now close friends, are toasting over an enlarged turkey. Russ Jr. and Amy are apparently dating now, while Ron and Nick are friends, and Quark is eating from an enlarged Alpo bone. Nick finally gets a joke that Russ Jr. told him about learning CPR in “French” class, at which he laughs.

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

Pee-wee's Big Adventure Movie Poster

Pee-wee Herman has a heavily accessorized bicycle that he treasures and that his neighbor, Francis Buxton, covets. A bike shop employee, Dottie, has a crush on Pee-wee, but he does not reciprocate it. Pee-wee’s bike is stolen while he is shopping at a mall. The police tell Pee-wee that they cannot help him find his bike. Pee-wee thinks Francis took it, and confronts him. Francis’ father convinces Pee-wee that Francis did not steal the bike. Pee-wee then offers a $10,000 reward for his bike. Francis, who did indeed pay to have someone steal the bike, is frightened by Pee-wee’s relentlessness and then pays to have it sent away. After holding an unsuccessful meeting to locate the bike, Pee-wee angrily rejects Dottie’s offers of help. Desperate, he visits “Madam Ruby”, a phony psychic. Ruby, inspired by the Al and Moe’s Bargain Basement shop across the street, tells Pee-wee that his bike is in the basement of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio. Pee-wee hitchhikes to Texas, getting rides from a fugitive, Mickey; and from Large Marge, the ghost of a deceased truck driver.

At a truck stop, Pee-wee discovers his wallet is missing and pays for his meal by washing dishes. He befriends Simone, a waitress who dreams of visiting Paris. As they watch the sunrise at a dinosaur museum, Pee-wee encourages her to follow her dreams, but Simone tells him about her jealous and large boyfriend, Andy, who disapproves. Andy arrives and tries to attack Pee-wee, who escapes onto a moving train and meets Hobo Jack. Pee-wee eventually arrives at the Alamo, but learns at the end of a guided tour that the building does not have a basement. At a bus station, Pee-wee encounters Simone, who tells him that she and Andy broke up and she is on her way to Paris. She tells Pee-wee not to give up finding his bike. Pee-wee calls Dottie at the bike shop and apologizes for his behavior. Andy spots Pee-wee and resumes his attack. Pee-wee evades Andy at a rodeo by disguising himself as a rodeo bull rider. Forced to ride for real, Pee-wee does well but receives a concussion.

Pee-wee enters a biker bar for one large wine and to make a phone call, but the outlaw motorcycle club threatens to kill him after he accidentally knocks over their motorcycles. Pee-wee makes a last request, dancing to the song “Tequila”. His dance wins over the bikers, who give him a motorcycle for his journey. Pee-wee crashes his motorcycle immediately afterwards. Pee-wee wakes up in a hospital and learns from a television news report that his bike is being used as a prop in a movie starring a bratty child named Kevin Morton. Pee-wee sneaks into Warner Bros. Studios and takes the bike. He is chased by security across the studio lot and through several sets before escaping.

Later, Pee-wee discovers a burning pet shop and rescues the animals. Although the firefighters declare Pee-wee a hero, the police arrest him for his disruption at the studios. Pee-wee meets the president of Warner Bros., Terry Hawthorne, and explains his journey to retrieve the bike. Hawthorne decides to drop the charges and make a special movie about Pee-wee and his bike, which is returned to him.

Later at a drive-in theater, Pee-wee and Dottie attend the premiere of his biopic, an action movie starring James Brolin as “P.W. Herman” and Morgan Fairchild as Dottie. The two must retrieve a sport bike called the X-1, which contains an important microfilm and has been stolen by the Soviets. Pee-wee has a cameo appearance as a hotel bellhop, though his voice has been dubbed. At the drive-in, Pee-wee gives refreshments to all the people he met along his journey. Pee-wee also encounters Francis, who tells reporters that he is Pee-wee’s best friend who taught him how to ride. Francis claims to be knowledgeable about Pee-wee’s bike, but accidentally catapults himself into the air using one of the bicycle’s gadgets. As Pee-wee leaves the drive-in, Dottie asks why he is not staying for the rest of the movie. Pee-wee answers, “I don’t have to see it, Dottie. I lived it.” He and Dottie then ride off together at the movie screen in silhouette.

Short Circuit

Short Circuit Movie Poster

NOVA Laboratory robotics experts Newton Crosby and Ben Jabituya developed several prototype robots called S.A.I.N.T. (Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport) for the U.S. military to use in Cold War operations, though Crosby and Ben would rather seek peaceful applications of the robots. After a live demonstration for the military, one of the units, S.A.I.N.T. number 5, is struck by lightning arcing through the lab’s power grid. This scrambles its programming and makes it sentient. It then escapes the NOVA facility.

The robot ends up in Astoria, Oregon, and is found by Stephanie Speck, an animal care-giver, who mistakes him for an alien. She takes the robot to her home, where she provides him with “input” in the form of visual and verbal stimuli, allowing the robot to improve its language skills, and eventually names itself “robot number 5”, being the fifth prototype produced. Stephanie continues to help the curious Number 5 robot learn about the world. She eventually discovers that Number 5 was built by NOVA, and contacts them about the lost robot. Nova’s CEO, Dr. Howard Marner, orders Crosby and Ben to recover him, so they can disassemble and rebuild him. While waiting for NOVA to arrive, Number 5 learns about death when he accidentally crushes a grasshopper, and concludes that if NOVA disassembles him, he will die, and escapes in Stephanie’s truck. However, NOVA uses a tracking device on Number 5 to corner him and deactivate the robot for return to the facility. During transport, Number 5 is able to reactivate himself and remove the tracking device, and flees back to Stephanie.

Because of these unusual actions, Crosby tries to convince Howard that Number 5 may be sentient, but Howard refuses to believe it. Instead, Howard sends their security chief Captain Skroeder and three other S.A.I.N.T. prototypes to recapture Number 5. Number 5 is able to outwit the other robots by reprogramming them to act as The Three Stooges, and escapes. Taking a NOVA van with spare robot parts, Crosby finds Number 5 with Stephanie, and Number 5 is able to convince Crosby of his sentience. They find that Skroeder has called in the United States Army to capture Number 5. To protect Crosby and Stephanie, Number 5 leads the Army away from them and appears to be destroyed in a firefight. Howard laments the loss of the prototype and dismisses Skroeder, while Crosby resigns from NOVA, and drives away with Stephanie in the NOVA van. They are surprised to discover that Number 5 had hidden himself under the van, having assembled a decoy Number 5 from spare parts to confuse the others. Crosby decides to take Number 5 to his father’s secluded Montana ranch where there will be lots of “input” for the robot, and Stephanie agrees to come with them. As they drive off, Number 5 asserts that his name should now be “Johnny 5” based on the song “Who’s Johnny” playing on the van’s radio.

When Harry Met Sally…

When Harry Met Sally Movie Poster

In 1977, Harry Burns and Sally Albright graduate from the University of Chicago and share the drive to New York City, where Sally is beginning journalism school and Harry is starting a career. Harry is dating Sally’s friend Amanda. During the drive, Harry and Sally discuss their differing ideas about relationships; Sally disagrees with Harry’s assertion that men and women cannot be friends as “the sex part gets in the way”. At a diner, Harry tells Sally she is attractive, and she angrily accuses him of making a pass at her. They part in New York on unfriendly terms.

Five years later, Harry and Sally find themselves on the same flight. Sally is dating Harry’s neighbor Joe, and Harry is engaged, which surprises Sally. Harry suggests they become friends, forcing him to qualify his previous position about the impossibility of male-female friendships. They separate, concluding that they will not be friends.

Harry and Sally run into each other again in a bookstore five years later. They have coffee and talk about their previous relationships; Sally and Joe broke up because she wanted a family and he did not want to marry, and Harry’s wife left him for another man. They take a walk and become friends. They have late-night phone conversations, go to dinner, and spend time together, discussing their love lives.

During a New Year’s Eve party, Harry and Sally find themselves attracted to each other. Though they remain friends, they set each other up with their respective best friends, Marie and Jess. When the four go to a restaurant, Marie and Jess become fast friends, and later become engaged. Over the phone, Sally tearfully tells Harry that her ex is getting married. He rushes to her apartment to comfort her, and they have sex; Harry leaves the next morning distressed. Their friendship cools until a heated argument at Jess and Marie’s wedding dinner. Harry attempts to mend his friendship with Sally, but she feels that they cannot be friends.

At a New Year’s Eve party that year, Sally feels alone without Harry by her side. Harry spends New Year’s alone, walking around the city. As Sally decides to leave the party early, Harry appears and declares his love for her. She argues that the only reason he is there is because he is lonely, but he lists the many things he realized he loves about her. They kiss and marry three months later.

The plot also contains several interlaced segments throughout the film where fictitious older married couples narrate to the camera their stories of how they met.

Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting Movie Poster

After her boyfriend Mike cancels their anniversary date, seventeen-year-old Chris Parker invites her friend Brenda over to her Oak Park, Illinois, house to cheer her up, but is convinced by her mother to babysit the Andersons’ daughter, 8-year-old Sara, while they attend a party in downtown Chicago. Fifteen-year-old Brad Anderson is supposed to go to his friend Daryl Coopersmith’s house to spend the night, but he changes his mind when he finds that Chris is the sitter. After receiving a frantic phone call from Brenda, who ran away to the bus station downtown, Chris plans to go alone to pick her up but is coerced by Brad, Sara, and Daryl to take them with her. On the freeway, their station wagon suffers a flat tire and they are picked up by a tow truck driver, “Handsome” John Pruitt, who offers to pay for the tire when Chris realizes she left her purse at the Andersons’. En route, Pruitt gets a call from his boss Dawson with evidence that his wife is cheating on him, and he rushes to his house to confront the infidelity; Chris’s mother’s car is damaged when Pruitt accidentally shoots out the windshield while aiming to kill his wife’s lover with his snubnosed revolver. Chris and the kids hide in the adulterer’s Cadillac, which is then car-jacked by a thief named Joe Gipp.

Reaching their hideout in the South Side, the kids realize they have stumbled upon a chop shop, and Joe is chided by Graydon, the operation’s second-in-command, for bringing witnesses. They are detained in an upstairs office but escape. They enter a blues club where the band on stage won’t let them leave until they sing the blues. Chris, Brad, Sara, and Daryl recount their events that night to the audience and are allowed to leave, just as Graydon, Gipp, and their boss Bleak catch up.

Brad tells Chris about his feelings toward her but finds they are not reciprocated. After separating Daryl from a streetwalker who is a runaway, Chris is reminded of Brenda. They are found and chased again by Greydon and Bleak but escape on the Chicago “L” train and wind up in the middle of a gang fight. Brad is injured when one of the gang leaders throws a switchblade onto his foot. They take Brad to the university hospital, where he receives a stitch. They run into Pruitt, who is now on the run for his earlier attacks; he tells the kids he replaced the windshield, but Dawson wants $50 for the tire. The kids come across a fraternity house party, and Chris becomes attracted to Dan Lynch, a gentleman who learns of Chris’ problem and donates $45. He takes them to Dawson’s Garage and drops them off.

When they find Dawson, his blond hair and sledge hammer lead Sara to believe he is her hero Thor. He denies them their car because of the $5 shortage, but when Sara offers him her toy Thor helmet, he changes his mind and lets them go. Meanwhile, Joe Gipp tells Bleak about their troubles, and the three are waiting to follow them. The kids find the restaurant where Mike was supposed to take Chris and discover he is there with another girl. Sara slips away to look at a toy store while Chris yells at Mike. Brad stands up for his friend while Daryl kicks Mike into a food cart, ruining the dinner. Bleak spots Sara, and Graydon chases her to an office building where she hides; the others note her disappearance and follow, accidentally coming across the Andersons’ party. After Sara climbs out an open window and slides down the building, Chris spots her and they run upstairs to help.

After the group pulls Sara from outside the window, Bleak confronts them. Joe knocks his boss out, before giving him a Playboy Magazine that Daryl had stolen, which contained important notes that the criminals wanted, then says he is getting out of crime. The kids retrieve Brenda from the bus station and rush home, narrowly avoiding the Andersons on the way. Once home, Chris cleans up the mess left earlier, settling into place just as the Andersons enter. As Chris says goodnight to the kids, Brad tells her he understands about her not feeling the same way he did about her and tells her that if they see each other at school the next day, it’s okay if she ignores him. But Chris smiles and tells him she doesn’t ignore her friends. Just as Chris is leaving, Dan arrives with one of Sara’s missing skates. He says he needs a babysitter and is disappointed when Chris says she is retired; he confesses the babysitter was for him. Chris decides that retirement can wait and gladly agrees to babysit Dan. With Sara’s encouragement, Chris and Dan kiss outside as Brad closes the blinds.

In a post credits scene, Graydon is shown standing on the ledge, still trying to find his way to safety.


Porky's Movie Poster

A group of Florida high school students plan on losing their virginity in 1954. They go to Porky’s, a nightclub out in the Everglades, believing that they can hire a prostitute to satisfy their sexual desires. Porky takes their money, but humiliates the kids by dumping them in the swamp. When the group demands their money back, the sheriff, who turns out to be Porky’s brother, arrives to drive them away, but not before his minions extort the rest of their money and cause them more embarrassment. After Mickey (who returned to Porky’s for revenge) is beaten so badly he has to be hospitalized, the gang becomes hellbent on exacting revenge on Porky and his brother, eventually succeeding in sinking his establishment in the swamp. Porky and his men, joined by the sheriff, chase after the group, but they make it across the county line (out of Porky’s brother’s jurisdiction), where they are met by a group of the local police officers, one of whom is Mickey’s older brother Ted, and the high school band. After Ted repeatedly damages Porky’s car, he says that all charges against Porky for driving an unsafe vehicle will be dropped if the night’s events are forgiven. Because the boys were too young to be legally allowed in Porky’s in the first place, Porky and his brother have no choice but to agree. The film ends with the group getting their revenge and Pee Wee finally losing his virginity.

In a subplot, the boys also peep on female students in their locker room shower. After (apparently) several unsuccessful attempts, Tommy, Billy, and Pee Wee finally see several girls showering, but Pee Wee gives them away when he shouts at a particularly fat girl (who has been blocking his view) to move so he can see. While a few girls run out, most stay, finding the situation funny. To test their attitude, Tommy sticks his tongue out through his peephole, but gets it smeared with soap. Infuriated, he drops his pants and sticks his penis through the opening just before female coach Beulah Balbricker (who has a running feud with Tommy) walks into the shower area. Spotting the protruding member, she sneaks up on Tommy, grabs his protruding part and pulls with all her might. Tommy manages to pull free and escape, but Beulah is now determined to prove that the offending member (which has a mole on it) belongs to Tommy, going so far as to request that Principal Carter hold a police-type line-up of the boys in the nude so she can identify it. However, Carter balks at such a request, and while the other basketball coaches laugh almost uncontrollably, Coach Brackett suggests asking the police to send a sketch artist and hang wanted posters all over the school. When this gets even Carter laughing, Balbricker leaves in a huff. The film ends with Ms. Balbricker sneaking out of the bushes to ambush Tommy and actually dragging his pants down, but she is pulled off him by police and dragged away screaming that she saw “it” and that she can identify him. The film ends as Tommy breaks the fourth wall and says “Jeez!” to the camera.

In another subplot, the film addresses racism as Tim Cavanaugh harasses Brian Schwartz, who is Jewish, throughout the movie.

Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone Movie Poster

Joan Wilder is a successful but lonely romance novelist in New York City whose editor believes she is waiting to meet a romantic hero like the ones she writes about. Joan gets a call from her sister Elaine, who has been kidnapped by antiquities smugglers, cousins Ira and Ralph. As Joan leaves her apartment to meet her editor, Gloria, she is handed a letter containing a map, sent to her by her late brother-in-law, Eduardo, who had been murdered a few days prior. While she is gone, a man tries to break into her apartment and is discovered by her apartment supervisor, who he kills. Returning to her apartment, Joan finds it ransacked. Joan then receives a frantic phone call from Elaine (held at knife-point by Ira), who instructs Joan to go to Colombia with the map she received; it is Elaine’s ransom.

Flying to Colombia, Joan is detoured from the rendezvous point by Colonel Zolo, the man who killed Elaine’s husband, Eduardo (and Joan’s apartment supervisor). He tricks her into boarding the wrong bus, heading deep into the interior of the country instead of to the coastal city of Cartagena, where Elaine is being held. When Joan distracts the bus driver by asking where they are going, the bus crashes into a Jeep, wrecking both vehicles. As the rest of the passengers walk away, Joan is menaced by Zolo but is saved by the Jeep’s owner, American exotic bird smuggler Jack T. Colton. For getting her out of the jungle and to a telephone, Joan promises to pay Jack $375 in traveler’s cheques.

Jack and Joan travel the jungle while eluding the military police and Zolo, who wants the treasure map. After spending a night hiding in a marijuana smuggler’s crashed C-47 aircraft, they encounter a drug lord named Juan, who is a big fan of Joan’s novels and helps them escape from Zolo.

After a night of dancing and passion in a nearby town, Jack suggests to Joan that they find the treasure themselves before handing over the map. They follow the clues and locate an enormous emerald called El Corazón (‘The Heart’). Unbeknownst to Jack and Joan, they used Ralph’s car for the last leg of their journey while Ralph was sleeping in the back. Ralph takes the emerald from them at gunpoint. When Zolo appears, Jack steals the jewel back, but Jack and Joan are chased into a river and go over a waterfall. They end up on opposite sides of the raging river; Joan has the map, but Jack has the emerald. Jack directs Joan to Cartagena, promising that he will meet her there.

In Cartagena, Joan meets with Ira and Ralph, who are still holding Elaine, but the exchange is interrupted by Zolo and his men, who have also captured Jack, who in turn surrenders the emerald to Zolo, but a crocodile bites off Zolo’s hand and swallows it along with the emerald. As a gun battle takes place between Zolo’s soldiers and Ira’s gang, Joan and Elaine dash for safety, pursued by Zolo. Jack tries to stop the crocodile from escaping but begrudgingly lets it go when he sees that Joan is in danger. Zolo charges at Joan, who eventually dodges his wild knife slashes, knocking Zolo into the crocodile pit. Ira and his men escape, but Ralph is left behind as the authorities arrive. After a kiss, Jack dives into the water after the crocodile, leaving Joan behind with her sister.

Some time later, Joan is back in New York City, delivering a new manuscript based on her adventure to Gloria, who is moved to tears by the story and tells Joan she has another best-seller on her hands. Returning home, she finds Jack waiting for her in a sailboat named the Angelina, after the heroine of Joan’s novels, and wearing boots made from the crocodile’s skin. He explains the crocodile died from ingesting the emerald and he had sold it, using the money to buy the boat of his dreams. They go off together, planning to sail around the world.